Mar 18, 2008

new from the lathe #2

a few weeks ago on a sunday, jini called me from atop a mountain in san diego and asked if i wanted some lumber. the next day, i went to jess's car and beheld, in the back, an assortment of huge logs. i brought one back on the shuttle, breaking the luggage compartment in the process, and sliced it up into an assortment of small pieces, two large bowl blanks, and a pile of sawdust. two of the little pieces went back to gainesville, where dina even now is using them as rustic bookends. one of the two blanks is now a bowl. this was the palest white oak i'd ever seen, so i figured i'd make it look as unlike wood as possible:

i look like ceramic
5.5" dia., 6" high
spalted white oak

1 comment:

asdf said...

I am proud that I have contributed to a bowl that looks like it's ceramic, but isn't.