Apr 14, 2008

gigapan: jökulsárlón after sundown

north-facing view of jökulsárlón

gigapan: jökulsárlón after sundown

this is gigapan #2 and the smallest of the iceland gigapans (only 112 photos). it still took longer to stitch together than seemed probable, but turned out surprisingly well. the view covers about 120 degrees of horizontal arc and is of jökulsárlón, a glacial lagoon that is remarkably new (it is apparently less than 80 years since it first appeared), and the glacier breiðamerkurjökull that calves chunks of ice into it. in the middle field, you can see a bunch of seals hanging out on the edge of the ice; while we were there they did nothing but swim about and loll in the sun. we ended up harassing them for a few scenes in the short film (of which, more later). the big flat white area in the right half of the composite photograph is breiðamerkurjökull, and you can see huge chunks of ice falling off. the entire sequence was taken around 9.25pm on 4/4 (just after sundown) and was completed in just 12 minutes, hence the remarkably uniform light in the sky.

we also have a 360-degree panorama of jökulsárlón just after sundown taken on day 2 that shows some of the sculptures we made. it has over 250 photos in it and is now in its seventh hour of stitching.

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