Dec 3, 2008

transparent hummingbirds

photo by craig edelman, the obliging housemate

a long overdue birthday gift for the transparent hummingbird (see here and here), finally printed today at the bow and arrow press. set in bembo smallcaps (or maybe it is apollo, by adrian frutiger, of frutiger fame.* i used the gleanings of a bastard tray of type and forget what michael decided it was), with a debossed hummingbird** cut from linoleum block. printed in black on strathmore bristol board. while i'd previously imagined something mildly frivolous (a dark brown with a pale magenta bird), the state of the world calls for something more suitably severe.

* michael emailed almost immediately to let me know that i had misidentified apollo's designer. robert slimbach is too young to have designed a metal face, though he's been influential in the new adobe redesign.
** anatomically as accurate as a 2D silhouette can be.

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