Jan 11, 2009

to the motherland

tomorrow, for just under two weeks, by way of chicago and tokyo. once again, robertson davies will be accompanying the flight--a writer of quality generally unrecognized in this country--this time, the salterton trilogy.

my ambitions to head home with only a messenger bag are being foiled by a seemingly unending stream of requests for things to be brought home, some of which haven't even shown up yet. grumble. i suppose i should be thankful that people are not requesting, say, flat-screen tvs or air-conditioning units as in the days of old. a perennial problem for the minimal traveller going from a cold place to a hot one is: what do you wear to the airport? a heavy fleece will be pleasant for the 20 minute walk to the T (30F tomorrow morning, the weather people say) but useless after that; without checked baggage, where does said heavy fleece go? it is a quandary, no mistake.

on the cards for the brief span:

  1. a wedding in the family,
  2. the parents' wedding anniversary,
  3. dinner with mindy and cheryl, which is always good times,
  4. hanging out with all the prefects and the new crop of children,
  5. lunch with the ex-sailing crew,
  6. dinner with the humanities,
  7. sushi yoshida with ego
  8. and lots of lying around at home followed by
  9. (for the first time in 7 years) the dinner of reunion and the first day of the lunar new year.

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