Jan 10, 2010

pork belly and fat elvis

what, you ask, is this slightly out-of-focus cube of meat? it is the brain child of kevin rafferty and mimi rancatore: a block of pork belly cooked in a low oven for many hours, crosshatched (alas, not visible here), then crisped on a hot griddle, and served with a hash of fingerling potatoes and sundried tomatoes, a poached egg, and chimichurri sauce. the photo is out of focus due to low light and the minor vibrations occasioned by the proximity of intense deliciousness. since it is now sunday night, you have missed the opportunity to satisfy your weekly saturated fat quota at toscanini's. there's always next weekend.

they may also have available the fat elvis ice cream flavour: peanut butter, cashew butter, almond butter, and butter-caramelised bananas that i may or may not have helped to peel.

i understand from people who know these things that excessively high cholesterol levels can be addressed with the judicious application of aerobic exercise and orally-administered statins.

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