Feb 8, 2010

tampopo, tonight!

TONIGHT: Mon, Feb 8, 6pm. TAMPOPO, in the Adams Pool Theater in Harvard Square (map). Free and open to the public.
Introduced by Tom Levenson (MIT). The ultimate movie on food and sex. A struggling single mother, with the help of a cowboy truck driver, aims heroically high to make the best ramen noodles. Told in parallel, the story of an epicurean white-suited gangster and his girlfriend whose pursuit of pleasures involve doing interesting things with live shrimp in bed. Woven around this core are episodes turning social hierarchies and connoisseurship on their heads, culminating in triumphal noodles and a death speech about yam sausages. For more information, see IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.

IMPORTANT: If you do not have a Harvard undergraduate (College) ID card, you must arrive at the Pool Theater by 6.15pm to be admitted.

More details at www.food24fps.com

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