Nov 15, 2010

nov 17, 6.30pm: design for community and interaction

this week, i'll be doing a short talk followed by a discussion with a small group of people involved in dfe:x.

the topic is design for community and interaction, and the session will be a brief discussion of 1) design as a process rather than an outcome and 2) the importance of problem-finding and value-identification in good design process. in the context of community and interaction design, i'll also throw in some thoughts about 3) why it is important to approach the design of complex social systems with design processes that are oriented toward probabilistic (rather than deterministic) outcomes.

kawan says it is open to all, so come if you'd like. the details:

dfe:x, design for community and interaction
wed, nov 17
MIT Building 4, Room 146 (map)

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Jess said...

going to be a podcast so I can bask in your brilliance?