Apr 19, 2011


this generative sequencer is very neat. it is a set of rules that "produces chaotic results in some settings, therefore you can end up with never repeating*, gradually evolving sequences."

* also neat is the FAQ:
Q: You are a filthy liar! You can't create "never repeating" patterns with a system whose state space is finite!
A: You are right. I should have said "(practically) never repeating" above. But please do the math, it is possible (but not proven) that there might exist some configurations where the exact repetition would take (billions of billions of times) longer than the known age of our universe. I am not a mathematician by any means, so that is as far as infinity goes for me (I also believe that light travels in infinite speed in a vacuum, come at me bro! I am a digital being, speed of light is my universe's sampling rate). 

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