Jun 1, 2011


will i ever again plan to move to a different apartment on the same day that i leave for a field site for 7 weeks and on which a major paper i owe the department comes due?

you can, therefore, imagine what the last week has been like.

i never know who reads this but say hello if you happen to be close to denmark, sweden, the UK, or norway in the next 7 weeks.


mrm said...

I will not be close but I want at least one postcard. Minimum.

Ben said...

I also want a postcard.

501 Garfield St. Apt. 206
Denver, CO 80206

And, you're probably already on top of this, but if you're near you should check out this alva noto show (carsten nicolai).

alva noto live in uppsala, sweden
sat, 11th june 2011
unitxt live set @ volt festival
uppsala konsert & kongress, vaksala torg 1, 753 75 uppsala, sweden