Jun 21, 2015

hardware and software

the traditional sherry bodega's solera system blends wines from casks representing many vintages. this allows each bodega to produce a set of consistent products despite the inherent variation across vintages. it takes years of continuous guided observation for bodega's foreman to learn the patterns in how casks of wine develop and what interventions in their development are possible and desirable.

the complexity and optionality of the solera system gives the capataz enormous freedom to move particular casks into and out of different criaderas and soleras; each capataz makes a slightly different set of intervention decisions; consistently made, the differences in these decisions generate distinctiveness in the bottled wine.

the physical bodega and the know-how of the capataz are, in combination, a large part of a technology for reproducing style in wine.

the fino room at bodegas tradición.
3 plaza cordobeses, 11408 - jerez de la frontera

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