Feb 11, 2009

table and ham

i went over to love+butter tonight so we could discuss the fancy new segmented table they would like to have built. we've probably worked out a rough idea of what they need, with a few neat little bits here and there from my thought-experiments with tables over the last 6 months of not having shop access. i'm pleased at the prospect of being involved (however minimally) in a table that uses steel as a main structural element, will break apart easily for reconfiguration and transport, and doesn't look like it came from ikea--in other words, what you get when modularity isn't a design afterthought. then they gave me some home-cured ham because i'm a starving student. nice.

empirical research update: the ham is superb thin-sliced across the grain, with cabot 1-year sharp white cheddar, cayenne, black pepper, and dijon mustard, grilled on iggy's sweet white.

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