Jun 30, 2009

first infusion

before moving a few weeks ago, i noticed that what appeared to be an ornamental cherry tree in the yard next door was in fact a tree beginning to burgeon with edible, plump sour cherries. the fruit got ever larger and riper, and eventually i had no choice but to ring the doorbell and ask if they would let me pick the cherries that they clearly weren't eating. a few days ago, i made off with a pound; yesterday, remembering the chairs in the back of the old house, another two pounds, this time dark red, drippingly juicy, and on the verge of being overripe. the first infusion is sour cherry, fresh mint, and cherry pits (in vodka). does cambridge need one of these?

1 comment:

Jess said...

Also, one of these: http://www.schohariecannery.org/

I WANT cherries, but they're $5/lb here and none grown locally on-island.

I want them to eat and make these and to practice "Kirsche kern weitspringen" or "Cherry pit long jump" -- a spitting game my german host sister and I made up when I spent a summer in Bavaria in high school.