Jul 26, 2009

tara donovan at lever house

about a month ago, i passed by lever house on the way up to the park avenue armoury to see anthropodino with ami.

anthropodino, image from the armoury on park.

crossing over from the other side of park ave, i noted a proliferation of james surls's characteristically charmless semi-biomorphic sculptures littering the median, and then was stopped short by tara donovan's wall installation of plastic sheeting. this was one of my favourite pieces at her ICA show; it's mesmerising to stand inside the lobby of lever house (filled also with barcelona chairs, doubtless authentic, perhaps even original) and watch the light from the street shift as pedestrians pass by. (the courtyard also held a tom sachs exhibit, fortunately temporary, of large white hellokitty crying fountains.)

the lever house collection's homepage has a great sequence of photos of the installation of the donovan piece and is worth checking out.

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