Oct 5, 2010

dishwasher x keyboard

verdict = clean and fully functional, after 6 days of air-drying. naysayers and debbie-downers = 0, the internets = 1. though tempting, this cleaning procedure is not recommended for notebook computers. some notes:

  1. remove as much of the casing as you can, and the usb cable too.
  2. top rack only.
  3. no rinse agent.
  4. take keyboard out periodically during cycle and flush keys with hot running water. a remarkable amount of crud builds up inside and under.
  5. remove before dry cycle begins.
  6. rinse thoroughly under hot running water to remove detergent traces.
  7. allow to dry under direct, hot sun for as long as you can bear it before reassembling. 
the usual disclaimers and waivers apply. you are solely responsible for the health and cleanliness of your keyboard.

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