Dec 17, 2007

food as text

i ducked into painted bird on the way home a few nights ago, and saw shirts made under the imprint of art in the age of mechanical reproduction -- an art collective that was recently pointed out to me by someone commenting on my minor diatribe about wood and things. i identify strongly with them given my deep fascination with esoteric knowledge about the mechanics and process of producing things. as a data point, my original intent here was not to imply that it is impossible to make valuable and beautiful things in an age where mechanical reproduction is the norm, rather that it becomes much less likely that this is the case.

in any case, art in the age is nice, and they've recently written about edible type (which should appeal at least to sulin, for whom these things hold what i always imagine to be an inordinate attraction). i remain resolute that a service baking user-selected words in a bread of their choice ( would take the world by storm.

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