Dec 22, 2007

long exposures

kenro izu's bhutan photos just got featured in the NYT. his stuff is gorgeous, powerful -- "strong and calm as the summer sea" (extra credit if you know where that's from). these fluttering prayer flags outside bumthang dissolve into mist on what i imagine must be a long-ish exposure:

prayer's flag, near kurjey lhakhang, bumthang, bhutan

another japanese photographer i like who makes particularly dreamlike use of time and light is tokihiro sato. he has a series called photo-respiration, where he uses long exposures and pinpoints of sunlight or torchlight to create images of glowing clusters floating through and around cities and fields, like spirits of place (or kami, or genius loci).

photo-respiration hattach 1

photo-respiration #155

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