Dec 5, 2007

the lucca ravioli company

as our friend DH says, "let's not kid ourselves. i go to lucca every three or four days. well, maybe every two or three days." "whenever the ravioli runs out?" "basically."

lucca is a tiny italian grocery on the corner of 22nd and valencia that makes its own fresh pastas and stocks a decent selection of dry goods, canned produce, and wine. there's always too many people in butcher aprons behind the counter, and you take a number even if you're only picking up a can of tuna. they sell chartreuse (two varieties) above the grissini, next to the salumi case, and there's a painting of italy done in pastel oils on the ceiling. if they were only open on sundays, i would be transported. they are the mission's only purveyor of fresh italian flatbreads from the liguria bakery up in the north of the city. $5 buys a half-sheet of pizza or focaccia (sometimes more or less depending on the topping) measuring 11" x 12" -- simple, chewy dough that gets a good crust in a slow oven, with cheese, besciamella, and a light sprinkle of the ingredient on top.

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