Jan 1, 2008

and so

the last day of the old year got off to a late start but rolled along with marvelous inevitability to conclude with butternut squash soup, fresh pasta, boeuf bourguignon, four types of baked goods, a massive pot of hot chocolate, 15 bottles of wine, four bottles of champagne, and many people huddling together at midnight on a cold rooftop overlooking a sparking and popping embarcadero. we had fireworks this year on the piers that went on for much longer than expected, and
included smiley faces, ringed planets, cubes, and similarly improbable shapes.

every year, i come closer to admitting that impractical wishes may be the only possible ones -- 2008 feels like the year when the evidence becomes incontrovertible. all best for this new year and may things go, as the saying is, upwards and to the right.

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