Jan 3, 2008

productivity report for the holiday season

back at work yesterday after almost two weeks away for the holidays. this morning, when the alarm clock went off, i lay in the dim blue light and thought grimly about how nice it had been to wake up at 8am rather than 6.20am and have parking everywhere available on the streets. john decided to open the shop through the new year weekend so i finally got around to finishing the bowls and frames that had been lying around unsanded and unsealed for weeks and making the scale prototype for the chair i'm making. pictures to follow.

christmas in santa cruz with joel, abigail, and annika consisted of several days of cooking vegan food and sitting around drinking tea and talking, with brief excursions to the hills and no internet or phone access -- ie, the best kind of holiday. their real guests had canceled their visit at the eleventh hour, leaving them with an empty beach house. this was a pleasant surprise when i showed up, and then again when i woke up the next morning with full sun coming in through the windows and the pacific lapping at the land not 50 metres away.

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