Feb 21, 2008


when i was in madrid a few years ago, the reina sofia had a brilliant exhibition called "the age of the monochrome" (art in america article here). the best piece there was a shower of golden stones suspended from the ceiling in mid-pour. but new york magazine also has a series of five short interviews with people who wear only one colour. it's great:

brown: "But obviously I've never been to a tuxedo event. Maybe it's glorious fun."
blue: "I also buy white Chanel and Christian Louboutin shoes, and I color them blue with custom-ordered electric-blue Sharpies." and "And my bathroom products are blue, like my toothbrush."
white/pink: "In 2000, I was on a panel with nine architects, and I wore a white suit. Everyone was wearing black except me. I felt detached from the incestuous profession."
green: "I started wearing green nail polish, and it spread all over me." and "I have a grand-puppy. My son asked me to babysit him, and I airbrushed his tail green. Sam flipped out."
grey: "Even the soles of my shoes have to be gray or white. I get annoyed if the soles are black."

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