Jun 27, 2008

joshua davis: first serigraphic edition

on sunday night, i got called over to the dynamic abstraction dinner table and we decided that the man himself would make a large-ish pattern that we would silkscreen. i couldn't find any soft woods to make the frame out of, so i used up some of my stash of ash and made a large walnut-splined frame. we finished the frame, dried down the emulsion, and got the final art on tuesday, made the negative and exposed the screen yesterday morning (the lines were numerous and fine, and required some heavy q-tip action). we were going to print on thursday evening, but we also got invited to the home of a pair of art collectors in aspen and got to see, among many other things, a 1970s oldenburg (a green-washed print of soft drums), a very early rauschenberg, several peter voulkos pieces, a frankenthaler, a mehretu, two original eames chairs, and an eliasson photograph. there was also a great architectural drawing by nicola lopez.

claes oldenburg, soft drums, 1972

nicola lopez, coriolis effect, 2008

we left the hoffman's early to get back and print. the stack of shirts outside the digital media lab started at 15 and then grew as people walked by and decided to run off and find shirts or take off the ones they were wearing. by the end of it, we were printing on printmaking paper and kraft paper too and we must have made over 50 screens by hand. it was neat. and i discovered later that this was the first silkscreen he'd ever done, so i now have a signed 2/20 print edition and an A/P secreted away in the studio. this is the art. more pictures of the screening are on the way.

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