Jun 12, 2008

rob amesbury

i went to a presentation of work a few days ago by rob amesbury, who's at the ranch teaching a workshop on fine detail gouache painting. much of what he showed referenced 16th-century dutch painting styles -- allegory, concentrated composition, assemblage, etc -- but applied to modern objects. bottles of clorox, hello kitty, and cans of bud light float through his paintings, which are full of saturated color. this does not normally appeal, but i find myself strangely drawn to them. at breakfast the next morning, i also found out that he'd taken a bunch of stilgoe classes including an early version of the fabled fantasy seminar (now known as Adventure and Fantasy Simulation, 1871 to 2036), which surprises me not at all.

big fish devour little fish


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Jess said...

yes! looks like that famous bosch painting in the prado. that one has always stuck in my mind. beautiful stuff.