Jun 21, 2008

more new stuff

the slide from the grew-sheridan studio late-nite photo session in may with joe schopplein finally arrived, so new photos are up on my slowly-growing portfolio site:

  1. we want you to focus is a work chair with a wood spring that pushes the backrest gently into the small of your back. the seat is hawaiian koa with some really beautiful figure in it; john had a few boards left from the 1970s and he gave me one. the backrest is a piece of shaped black walnut connected to the laminated, curved oak backpost with a double sliding bevel.
  2. famous among the barns is what happened to the piece of white oak that jini and jess brought back from san diego. i turned it green many months ago, watched it warp out of shape as it dried, then brought it to colorado where it warped even more. the inside is milk paint, the colour i imagine dylan thomas had in mind when he wrote fern hill.
  3. a box for holding contentment has no bottom and irregular dovetail construction -- the dovetails are cut in cherry boards milled to a taper (you can see this in the detail shots) and their size and placement vary on all four sides. the shaped ash lid, when closed, casts a shadow that hides the bottomlessness of the box; it is shaped out of a solid plank almost an inch thick and so is more massive than it looks and has some wild grain on the underside. it was diverting to build this and confound the trained furnituremakers passing through the shop with its sheer impracticality, so this may be the first in a series of boxes for holding intangible things.

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