Nov 27, 2008

after tryptophan

and craig and jenny thought there wouldn't be enough food.

they were disabused of the notion by 4.30pm, at which time the side counter was covered in assorted trays of food and jenny and her posse had concluded their tryst with the 15-pound turkey. the carcass was on its way to the trashcan when i diverted it to a roasting tray and put it in the oven to brown. the sociologists took a break from the groaning tables at 7 to bring a plate of food and a beer to the guy who sleeps outside darwin's on cambridge street. he had several foil-wrapped plates by his side, but accepted the beer with pleasure. when we got back, we talked about agriculture for longer than strictly necessary. there was a brief moment of spectacle when jenny whipped the cream -- whipped cream not from a can is apparently a novelty.

after pie and more pie (pumpkin, pumpkin, coconut cream, apple, sweet potato), everyone left. we got through the dishes, redistributed the chairs, cleared off the counters, swept the kitchen, and took out the trash. now, everyone is in bed and i'm reading simmel with a mug of coffee, a slice of sweet potato pie, and the tunings of glenn gould and cocorosie, as the crushed bones of the turkey simmer, barely bubbling, in the stockpot.

happy thanksgiving,

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Jess said...

My jealousy has no end.